Col. Manpreet Singh

Col. Manpreet Singh, one of the brave souls who met their untimely demise in a fierce encounter with terrorists in the Anantnag region of Jammu and Kashmir, had a poignant conversation with his brother mere hours before the tragic incident unfolded. In their last exchange, the Colonel reassured his sibling that they would reconnect in the evening, a promise that sadly went unfulfilled. It is heart-wrenching to note that Colonel Singh’s wife remained unaware of his fate, adding an additional layer of sorrow to this grievous loss.

Col. Manpreet Singh, a dedicated soldier, had dedicated nearly five years of his life to the same military unit, with the initial three years of service spent as the second-in-command. His unwavering commitment and exceptional bravery were recognized in 2021 when he was honored with the prestigious Sena Medal for Gallantry. This commendation was a testament to his valor in neutralizing terrorists in the volatile region of Jammu and Kashmir, where indiscriminate gunfire threatened innocent lives.

Tragically, Wednesday marked a dark day when Major Ashish Dhonack, Deputy Superintendent Humayun Bhat, and Colonel Singh, among others, succumbed to their injuries during a harrowing confrontation with terrorists in the Kokorenag area. The valiant officers had fought valiantly, but the battle had taken a toll on their lives. A fellow jawan also fell victim to this sinister plot, further deepening the anguish of this fateful encounter. There remains an unsettling uncertainty about the fate of another soldier, whose whereabouts are unknown, and it is feared that he too may have suffered grievous injuries.

The heinous attack that claimed these noble lives has been attributed to the banned Resistance Front, believed to be an ominous shadow group affiliated with the Pakistan-based Lashker-e-Taiba. This nefarious organization has taken responsibility for the act, casting a dark cloud of terror over the region. Sadly, this is not their first act of violence, as they are suspected to be the same group responsible for a prior attack on army personnel on August 4, which resulted in the tragic loss of three brave jawans.

The sacrifice of these brave souls, including Col. Manpreet Singh, Major Ashish Dhonack, and Deputy Superintendent Humayun Bhat, serves as a somber reminder of the unwavering dedication and indomitable spirit of our armed forces. Their commitment to safeguarding our nation at the risk of their own lives is a testament to their valor and heroism. As we mourn their loss, we must also honor their memory and resolve to stand united against the forces of terror that threaten our peace and security.

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