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Regarding the argument between Virat Kohli and Babar Azam, Matthew Hayden has asserted boldly that the Pakistan captain is currently in the lead of the shootout. Babar and Kohli are regarded as the leading batsmen for their respective teams.

In brief,

  • Kohli and Babar are their teams’ standout batsmen.

  • During the game against Sri Lanka, Hayden believes Babar will regain his form.

  • Hayden praised Babar as a champion batter.

Regarding the match between Virat Kohli and Babar Azam, Australian veteran Matthew Hayden made a strong statement.

Two of the most well-known cricketers in the world, Babar Azam and Virat Kohli, are the captains of India and Pakistan, respectively. Cricket fans around the world have been comparing and debating their one-day international (ODI) performances.

In ODIs, Kohli has had a distinguished career. He has participated in 283 ODI games and racked up 13,271 runs in 274 innings. His highest ODI score was 183. As the player who reached 13,000 runs in the ODI format the fastest, Kohli now owns the record. In addition, he broke the records for the most games needed to score eight, nine, ten, and eleven thousand ODI runs, putting Sachin Tendulkar’s records in real danger.

Babar, on the other hand, has advanced considerably in his cricketing career. He made his ODI debut the same year he made his T20 international debut for the Pakistan cricket team against Zimbabwe. Babar has scored 19 hundreds in 107 ODI games. He was the second-fastest player to score 2000 runs in ODIs and 1000 runs in T20Is. Babar has surpassed even Kohli’s record for quickest player to 5000 ODI runs.

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Babar outperforms Kohli in terms of strike rate despite Kohli having a higher batting average when comparing their respective performances. It’s important to note that Kohli has played more than twice as many games as Babar, which may explain some of the statistical discrepancies between the two players.

Hayden praised Babar as a brilliant batter in an interview with Star Sports, as reported by OneCricket, and claimed that Babar is now leading the shoot-out he is having with Kohli. Hayden is also optimistic that Babar can regain his form in time for the game against Sri Lanka.

A champion, Babar Azam is. He bounces back from these situations repeatedly because champions do that. When you consider the statistical comparison of Virat Kohli vs. Babar Azam at the same stage, Babar Azam is actually in the lead in that shoot-out match.

“Considering how important he is to the composition of the Pakistani team, I have no doubts that he can succeed against Sri Lanka in the shootout. Babar is crucial to the success of the batting unit not just because he is the captain but also because of his immense talent.

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